Animation Wizened Kith Winter Masques 52

• Knowing Touch Learn the secrets of an inanimate object, learning of secret compartments and a bonus to repair or damage it. The owner of the device asked the changeling to examine it. This catch does not function if the changeling owns the object in question. Wyrd + Craft
•• Instant Expertise Understand how to use a device, gaining temporary skill dots applicable to its use The character has at least 10 minutes to talk with the device to learn the secrets of its use. Wyrd + Wits
••• Inanimate Communion See the history of an object The object has not been used or handled for at least a year. Wyrd + Empathy
•••• Animate Device Commands an object to act on its own The character owns the device and has regularly used it for at least a month. ●● Wyrd + Manipulation
••••• Command the Inanimate Animates an object for an entire scene The object’s owner is a stranger to or enemy of the changeling, and mistreats or does not take adequate care of the object ●●○ Wyrd + Presence
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