Aranji Vispess

Name: Aranji Vispess
Class: Wizard (Abjurer)
Level: 8
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Background: Noble

Dancing to the sound of his illusory music with tiny, hustling steps, Aranji hummed a tune, eyes closed, a thin smile on his lips. The mumbles and moans of the bound and gagged merchant didn't get any kind of a reaction out of him - but he sure got a reaction out of his abductee when he reached to the inner pocket of his greatcoat, pulling out a folding knife and with an artful flick or two of his wrist unfurled the blade, dancing closer to the unfortunate bloke that was tied to the only chair in the abandoned warehouse, removing the gag.. resulting in an immediate, panicked scream for help from him.

"Tomyn, Tomyn, Tomyn. I thought we were past this", Aranji berated him, a disappointed- yet playful - scowl on his fine features. He made a scolding motion with the knife in his hand and leaned closer the plump, red-faced tradesman, snapped his fingers and the music stopped. Tomyn still yelled and begged for help that would not arrive, until his voice broke down and he stared at the ruined young noble before him. "What do you want? Gold? Anything you want", he pleaded. Tutting, the older of the brothers Vispess retired further from his victim. "I am afraid that is not possible", he said with a hint of remorse in his voice. Each word was articulated with care, as each one was somehow precious, betraying a noble upbringing. "I would rather have a nice little talk, now that we are both here. It is so difficult to find the time to just.. talk these days. It seems like everyone is all tied up with something."

The merchant groaned, wriggling his hands to check if his bindings were loose enough to let him free himself. They weren't. Tomyn swallowed, frantically looking around the open interior of the empty building, for something, anything, that would get him out of his predicament. "Alright. Lets talk", he finally said, his words drawing out a coy smile from Aranji. He snapped his blade closed again and began to walk around Tomyn, slow, long steps of a patient man. "I am quite appalled at the recent turn of events, Tomyn. Not only did you steal from my family, but you send ruffians to.. well, it is just too horrid to event say. I simply cannot believe that you would, well, murder is such a ugly word, but murder me and my dear brother over a debt? That is not very becoming of you, Tomyn. Not. At. All. And if there is one thing I can never, ever forgive, it is someone attempting to do harm to my kith and kin. Had it been just me, you'd gotten out with a stern talking-to. After all, you do owe my family money."

"You got it wrong, I.. It wasn't me, it was.." The man was cut short by Aranji suddenly jumping on him, plunging his knife to the back of his seat and baring his teeth to him in a wicked, beastly grimace. Tomyn could smell his warm breath, Aranji's eyes only inches from his. "I was not finished!", he yelled, paused, and continued in a calm and composed manner, "I do not like it when people interrupt me", he said, leaning back now, again snapping his knife away. "Now, I would like to talk to you about.. power. Yes, power and authority. Aetheric things, are they not? A king has power over his vassals, over his people, because he is the king. It is his divine right, his force of arms, his birthright. But curiously, the young, pretty little maid has power over the king. Power.. it can be just about anything, can it not?"

Aranji knelt down before Tomyn, the folded knife in his hand, while the other casually went through his well-tended beard. Tomyn stared at him, confusion in his watery, brown eyes. "What I mean is, you can never just assume who has power over whom, and why. You, Tomyn, assumed that you would have power over me, because you had gold, hired blades and a scheme. Well.. that is just another thing about power. If you think you have it and you do not, you will just as swiftly lose everything. Right?"

He snapped his fingers again, and the ghostly orchestra began playing their tune once more, electing a few, cheerful steps from the young wizard, bringing him again closer to the upstart merchant. It was upbeat, more fitting for a fair or a carnival.

"Now, I like to make things simple. Clear. I do not like to plan around the power of others. I remove it from them. Then it is all crystal clear, like a nice, pretty summer evening. There is no need for plotting, coin changing hands, trusting some good-for-nothing louts or whatever moving parts have you. Sometimes all you need.."

The knife in his hand flicked open and he sat in Tomyn's lap, pressing his hand against his jaw, craning his head back, and lifting his dagger just above his eye.

".. is a knife."

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