Artifice Wizened Kith

• Brief Glamour of Repair Repair a device without tools or parts Fix an item owned and used by another but never personally used Wyrd + Craft
•• Touch of Workman’s Wrath Causes a touched device to malfunction, requiring brief repairs Owner of the device stole or cheated or attempted to steal or cheat the Changeling ●● Wyrd + Larceny
••• Blessing of Perfection Blesses an object, giving it a die bonus equal to Wyrd for a full scene; lasts until sunrise or sunset with a point of Willpower and Promise Leaves. Used on an object used and owned by someone the Changeling doesn't know well in exchange for a favor ●●●(○) Wyrd + Wits
•••• Unmaker’s Destructive Gaze Can jam a device with a look, causing it to malfunction, with significant penalties to repair. Touched and examined the object for at least a minute ●● Wyrd + Presence
••••• Tatterdemalion’s Workshop Can create a device out of unlikely but thematically fitting components. Created in their own workshop with their own tools ●●●●(○○) Wyrd + Crafts
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