Beast Kith

Kith Name Kith Description Kith Blessing Blessing Description Page No.
Broadback Beasts of Burden Stoic Forbearance Spend Glamour for +2 to all Stamina rolls for the scene. CtL 102
Hunterheart Predators/Hunters Tooth and Claw Lethal unarmed damage CtL 102
Runnerswift Fast Runs Like the Wind +2 Speed CtL 102
Skitterskulk Creepy Crawlies Impossible Counterpoise Triple Defense when Dodging CtL 102
Steepscrambler Climbers Gifted Climber +3 to Climbing CtL 102
Swimmerskin Swimmers Natural Swimmer Can swim at full speed and hold breath underwater as though Stamina 7 CtL 102
Venombite Poisonous Poisonous Bite Spend Glamour to make a poisonous Brawling attack that deals no damage CtL 102
Windwing Flyers Gift of the Sky Reduced falling damage. Spend Glamour to glide. CtL 103
Cleareyes Keen Senses Primal Senses +2 to perception rolls. Spend Glamour to heighten senses. WM 67
Coldscale Cold-blooded Reptilian Blood +1 to Composure when resisting emotional manipulation, +2 to Stamina when resisting poisons WM 67
Roteater Carrion Eaters Scavengers Nature +2 to resist poison/disease, +3 if injested, 9 again perception when scrounging for items. WM 67
Truefriend Loyal Pets Companion's Boon Spend Glamour to grant an ally get +3 on a roll. You're mah bro, bro. WM 67
Chimera Amalgamation Goblins Tongue Spend Glamour, +3 on social rolls with Hobgoblins. WM 106
Coyote Trickster The Trickster's Truth Spending Willpower on a Pers or Sub roll grants +5. If vice is Gluttony, Greed or Lust, Manipulation cost is New Dots x 4 WM 107
Nix River Maiden Consumptive Voice Spend Glamour once per day, hearing her voice cuts social rolls by half of Nix's Wyrd. WM 107
Riddleseeker Wise/Cunning Animals of Legend Inquisitive Instinct Spend Glamour, for one scene, +2 to all Wits rolls except Perception (Wits + Composure). Free Investigation Specialty "Riddles". NH:GF 102
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