Human Infernal Pact Warlock

Paragon Path: Hellbringer

Epic Destiny: Demigod

Level 21
AC Fort Ref Will
31* 36* 34* 30*

*:+2 jos on liikuttu 3 ruutua tällä tai edellisellä vuorolla (ts. concealment)

Str Con Dex Int Wis Cha
12 26 14 21 13 16
+11 +18 +12 +15 +11 +13

Ranged Basic Attack:Eldritch Blast (when concealed and against cursed creatures): Ranged 10, +32 vs Ref, 2d10+3d8+28 damage.
Implement Master's Accurate Wand of Eldritch Blast +5 (lvl 18)
Implement Flame Wand +4 (lvl 18)
Implement Moran's Eye +3 (Orb, lvl 14)
Armor Shadow Warlock Snakeskin Armour +4 (lvl 20)
Head Eagle Eye Goggles (lvl 22)
Neck Raven Cloak +4 (lvl 19)
Arms Bracers of Escape (lvl 17)
Hands Hrothmar's Gauntlets (lvl 18)
Ring Ring of Fireblazing (lvl 14)
Ring Ring of Fury (lvl 14)
Waist Belt of the Witch King (lvl 18 )
Feet Fireburst Boots (lvl 14)
Wondrous Fire Horn (lvl 18)
Wondrous Stone of Flame (lvl 12)
Wondrous Pouch of Frozen Passage (lvl 9)
Wondrous Elemental Prism (lvl 16)
Wondrous Handy Haversack (lvl 10)
Hero-tason kuva, Paragooni versio TBD


Kovasti keksii vähemmän mairittelevia lempinimiä. Lisäksi kylvää tulta turhankin innolla, sivullisia uhreja tulee säännöllisesti.

Brandin tarina, osat I & II

Brandin tarina, pdf

Magic Item Wishlist

Hrothmar’s Gauntlets Level: 18
Item Slot: Hands
These massive, black iron gauntlets are dotted with red metal studs. They create shock waves that hurl foes to the ground.

Property: Prone creatures don’t gain the normal +2 bonus to all defenses against your ranged attacks.

Power (Daily): Minor Action. Make an attack: Close burst 5; targets each enemy in burst; Constitution or Charisma +4 vs. Reflex; on a hit, you knock the target prone. You gain an additional +2 bonus to the attack roll against any target affected by your Warlock’s Curse.

Published in Adventurer's Vault 2, page(s) 60.
Bracers of Escape Level: 17
Item Slot: Arms
These bracers can whisk you out of harm’s way. -
Power (Daily): Immediate Interrupt. You can use this power when you are the target of a melee attack. You teleport 5 squares. Published in Dragon Magazine 365, page(s) 58

Wondrous Items toivelista (TBD)

Bag of Holding, Pouch of Platinum, Handy Haversack

Rituaalitoivelista (TBD)

Endure Elements, Enchant Magic Item, Knock, Phantom Steed
Enhance Vesel, Secure Shelter, Chameleon's Cloak, Seeming
Passwall, Shadow Walk

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