Communion Elemental Kith Winter Masques 32

• Sense Element Sense all instances of your element within a range based on Wyrd The changeling sits and meditates for at least 10 minutes and makes a successful meditation roll. Wyrd + Wits
•• Primordial Voice Interact with an element, asking about recent events The character makes a minor offering to the element — polishing metal she is going to talk to, sweeping flagstones, singing for the air, adjusting the lights to make shadows larger, etc. In addition to the effort involved, such efforts also take at least a few minutes of time. Wyrd + Socialize
••• Distant Connection Remotely scry through instances of an element The character wishes to share the senses or ask a favor of an example of the element she is extremely familiar with such as the wood of or air in her home or the metal in her car. ●●(○) Wyrd + Persuasion
•••• Elemental Servitor Animates the element to serve as an ally The changeling performs a significant favor for the element, such as thoroughly cleaning a public fountain, spending an hour or more polishing a large stone statue or hanging up ribbons and bits of paper for a wind to blow immediately before using this clause. ●●● Wyrd + Persuasion
••••• Elemental Ally Renders the element intelligent and observant for an extended period, but it can animate for only one scene. When first using this clause on the element, the changeling negotiates with the element, promising some service or other payment in return for having the element as a temporary ally. Successfully bargaining with the element and paying its price are the catch for this clause. The favor asked is invariably hazardous, arduous or expensive ●●●○ Wyrd + Presence
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