Contract Of Eternal Spring

Contract Of Eternal Spring Courts Lost 151

• Gift of Warm Breath Rejuvenates a target, alleviating suffering from fatigue and deprivation, and healing bashing damage. The subject of the clause has freely offered the changeling some form of sustenance since the last sunrise. Waived Mantle + Resolve + Survival
•• New Lover’s Kiss Conjure rain, no matter current cloud conditions, potentially up to even a deluge. A mortal human has commented, within the character's hearing and within the past hour, that it looks like rain. ●●● Mantle + Intelligence + Survival
••• Warmth of the Blood Downgrade a subject's lethal wounds to bashing, or heal bashing wounds entirely. The target has honestly professed a heartfelt and deep love, romantic or familial, for the changeling. ●●●● ●○ Mantle + Wits + Medicine
•••• Yesterday’s Birth Age a target by a full season, leaving it as if it were now the height of Spring; requires additional Glamour and a willpower dot to apply to humans. The character spills two drops of blood on the target object and cups it in her hands. ●●●●● ●(●●○) Wyrd + Medicine
••••• Mother of All Deaths Animates the plant life in an area and have it fight on the changeling's behalf. A man bled to death on this soil within the past year. - ●●●○ Mantle + Presence + Empathy
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