Contract Of Eternal Summer

Contract Of Eternal Summer Courts Lost 155

• Son of the Hearth Remain at a comfortable temperature, no matter what the outside circumstances are. Spit on a fading ember or spark Waived ●(○) Wyrd + Survival
•• Ulf’s Heart Produce a small light for one scene; extend its presence by spending 1 more Glamour. Within 5 minutes of midnight ●●● ●(●) Mantle + Strength + Occult
••• Noonday Grasp Gain +1 Strength with one success, and another +1 with every three successes after that. Eats a chunk of naturally formed ice ●●●● ●● Mantle + Stamina + Brawl
•••• Solstice Revelation Let loose a bright light that reveals all hidden individuals and challenges supernatural cloaking. Within five minuets of noon ●●●●● ●●● Mantle + Presence + Occult
••••• The Lord’s Dread Gaze Unleashing a beam of focused sunlight that does Lethal (Aggravated with Willpower) The target is wearing or touching gold - ●●●(○) Mantle + Dexterity + Athletics - Subject's Defense
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