Contract Of Eternal Winter

Contract Of Eternal Winter Courts Lost 162

• Jack’s Breath Cools a room, potentially by a significant margin. The character hears someone shiver or tastes someones sweat. Waived Wyrd + Survival
•• Touch of Winter Freeze the surface of a body of water, potentially affecting quite a large area. The character first spells out a name or idea he hates with liquid on a dry surface ●●● Mantle + Intelligence + Science
••• Riding the Devil’s Jawbone Inflicts an area with intense cold, causing penalties to all within. There is a bell ringing within 20 feet of the character. ●●●● ●● Mantle + Dexterity + Stealth
•••• Fallen from the Timbers Blasts a target with cold and ice, inflicting lethal damage and penalizing all of their actions. The contracts target is wearing silver jewelry that has a religious meaning to her. ●●●●● ●●● Mantle + Dexterity + Athletics - Subject's Defense
••••• Witch’s Paradise Summons a lasting snowstorm over an area. The moon is in the sky and the character can hear a wolf howling. - ●●●○ Mantle + Presence + Occult
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