Contract Of Fleeting Spring

Contract Of Fleeting Spring Courts Lost 149

• Cupid’s Eye Learn one of the subject's desires Used on someone who has kissed the Changeling in the past 24 hours, or who desires the Changeling Waived Wyrd + Wits vs Powerstat + Composure
•• Growth of the Ivy Change one of the subject's desires Using the contract to resolve a Pledge. ●●● ●●(○) Mantle + Manipulation + Persuasion - Subject's Resolve
••• Wyrd-Faced Stranger Become someone who the target desire/expect to see The changeling has offered food to the target and it was accepted, or the other way around. ●●●● ●● Mantle + Presence + Subterfuge vs Powerstat + Composure
•••• Pandora’s Gift Temporarily produce an object the subject desires Used on someone who gave the Changeling a no strings attached gift in the past week ●●●●● ●● Mantle + Wits + Craft
••••• Waking the Inner Faerie Alter a subject's desire and force them to pursue it above all else. The subject freely told the Changeling his desires. - ●●●○ Mantle + Intelligence + Expression vs Powerstat + Composure
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