Contract Of Fleeting Summer

Contract Of Fleeting Summer Courts Lost 153

• Baleful Sense Sense the greatest nearby source of wrath. Character is angry when he invokes this clause. Waived Wyrd + Wits
•• Goblin’s Malignance Redirect the focus of a subject's wrath. The current victim of the subject's wrath owes the character a favor, or the subject has red hair. ●●● Mantle + Manipulation + Persuasion vs Powerstat + Composure
••• Friendless Tongue Stir a person to fury with harmless words. The clause's target wears a ring on the left hand. ●●●● ●● Mantle + Manipulation + Subterfuge vs Powerstat + Composure
•••• Sundown Eyes Quell all conflict in an area temporarily. The character is suffering wound penalties and has taken at least two points of lethal damage. ●●●●● ●●● Mantle + Presence + Socialize - Subject's Composure
••••• The Flames of Summer Enter an unstoppable fury; gain +2 to Physical rolls and ignore all wound penalties. The sun is within five minutes of its zenith, and the character has called out a formal challenge to an opponent. - ●●○ Mantle + Stamina + Animal Ken
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