Contract Of Fleeting Winter

Contract Of Fleeting Winter Courts Lost 160

• The Dragon Knows Determine the source of sorrow someone is experiencing. The character looks into the subjects eyes for a moment. Waived Wyrd + Empathy - Subject's Composure
•• Slipknot Dreams Forces a subject to temporarily let go of their sorrow. The subject has accepted something from the character in the past 24 hours. ●●● Mantle + Manipulation + Subterfuge - Subject's Resolve
••• Faces in the Water Fills a subject with sorrow over a painful memory, inflicting social penalties. The subject is carrying a photograph or some other image of an older relative or ancestor on her person. ●●●● Mantle + Intelligence + Investigation - Subject's Composure
•••• Fallow Fields, Empty Harvest Eliminates a subject's ability to feel positive emotions for a time, suffering social penalties and an inability to regain Willpower via virtues or vices. The character has made the subject happy (or happier) within the last 10 minutes. ●●●●● ●● Mantle + Manipulation + Intimidation vs Powerstat + Composure
••••• Every Sorrow a Jewel Paralyzes a subject with grief, rendering them briefly unable to take any actions. The subject has tasted one of the changelings tears. - ●●●○ Mantle + Manipulation + Persuasion vs Powerstat + Composure
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