Contract Of Punishing Summer

Contract Of Punishing Summer Courts Lords of Summer 59

• Smoldergrip Makes an object unbearably hot to the touch. The Changeling sports a real sunburn N/A Strength + Wits - Objects Size
•• Battle Bright Creates a blinding beacon that distracts all attackers. The Changeling is holding a real, burning torch. N/A ●● Wyrd + Presence vs Highest Wits + Composure within sight.
••• Crown of Clashing Fire Summons up a ring of flaming thorns that forces a target into one-on-one combat. The Changeling has one or more scars from the last battle with this foe. N/A ●●○ Wyrd + Resolve - Subject's Stamina
•••• Baleful Stroke of Summer Sun Inflicts a sun stroke on the target, resulting in either mounting mechanical penalties or aggravated damage (target's choice). The Changeling strikes with a metal weapon he forged, has to hit with substantial metal part. N/A ●●● Wyrd + Stamina vs Stamina + Composure. This is after an attack.
••••• Scorched Earth Turns the area into a blighted waste land that inflicts penalties on all combatants. The Changeling meditates under a Summer Court flag or pendant she helped make. N/A ●●●●● Wyrd + Strength
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