Contract Of Sorrow Frozen Heart

Contract Of Sorrow Frozen Heart Courts Lords of Summer 99

• A Mere Vessel for Loss Reduce the Effects of pain and discomfort by success Pierces skin with a thin needle Waived Mantle + Resolve + Occult
•• Fear is Nothing Reduces dice pool of supernatural fear effects by Wyrd Empties his hands and leaves them open at his side ●●● Mantle + Composure + Expression
••• Grief is Stronger than Death Damage from an attack is ignored for a round, to be applied next round Contemptuously tosses a chunk of cold iron on the ground. ●●●● ●● Mantle + Resolve + Survival
•••• Remorseless Strike Next Brawl or weaponry attack target suffers additional bonus damage equal to Wyrd Slashes himself with a sharp instrument and takes 1 lethal ●●●●● ●● Mantle + Resolve + Brawl
••••• A Cold Hand on the Heart Bestow previous clauses on others as well. Clutches target with one hand and anoints with ashes of a suicide victim or victim of a crime of passion. - ●●●○ Mantle + Composure + Expression
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