Contract Of Spellbound Autumn

Contract Of Spellbound Autumn Courts Lords of Summer 79

• Warlock’s Gaze Detect the presence of the supernatural, even deliberately obscured. Physical contact with non-allied supernatural being other than another changeling. Waived ●● Wyrd + Occult (vs. Powerstat + Compusure if target supernaturally concealed)
•• Barrow-Whisper Hears and is heard by ghosts. Ghost in the area wants to communicate. ●●● Wyrd + Expression
••• Smith’s Wisdom Learn abilities and purpose of item of power (token or else). The character has stolen the item from a friend (without permission) or been freely given the item by an enemy. ●●●● ●●● Mantle + Intelligence + Occult
•••• Arcadian Commandment Power to speak with authority of True Fae to hobgoblins and other Gentry minions, even to those incapable of speech. Character knowingly comes unarmed and unarmored to the presence of entity to be commanded. ●●●●● ●●●○ Wyrd + Presence vs Powerstat + Resolve
••••• Oathbreaker’s Honesty Violate the pledge without falling under its Sanctions. Begged to enact this clause by someone who will knowingly come to disaster on account of his betrayal. - ●●●●●○ Wyrd + Resolve (extended)
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