Contract Of Verdant Spring

Contract Of Verdant Spring Courts Lords of Summer 39

• Font of Inspiration Each success is a +1 to Crafts or Expression rolls Invests his own literal blood sweat or tears into the creation Waived Mantle + Wits + Empathy - Subject's Resolve (If subject is opposed)
•• The Ineffable Gift Gains a +3 bonus in social challenges. Drawback of being less effective with multiple uses. Speaks out loud about something she is passionate about ●●● Mantle + Presence + Manipulation vs Resolve + Composure
••• Impassioned Blow +4 Bonus to attack pool, but the opponent gets a +2 bonus as well. Target has insulted or assaulted by word or deed the changeling in the last hour ●●●● Mantle + Resolve + Brawl / Firearms / Weaponry
•••• Spur the Crowd Sway a crowd in a certain emotional direction No one in the crowd knows the user is a changeling ●●●●● Mantle + Wyrd + Presence
••••• Verdant, Roiling Heart Renew Willpower pool as if fulfilling Virtue, drawback of all social actions being tainted by her virtue or vice and a -2 to all social rolls Takes an action directly related to virtue or vice - Mantle + Composure + Empathy
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