Contracts Of The Den

Contracts Of The Den Beast Kith Winter Masques 19

• Trespasser’s Spoor For one day gain a significant bonus to perception checks within one's territory, based on Wyrd. The changeling writes his name on one of the entrances to the territory in chalk mixed with blood. -
•• Trapdoor Spider’s Trick Conceal the entrance to one's territory. The changeling is holding a live spider in his mouth at the time. Wyrd + Wits
••• Cuckoo’s Ruse Convince a home that one is a resident The character has openly invited the owner of the location over to his home within the last three days. ●● Wyrd + Manipulation vs Hollow Ward / Security dots
•••• Blessing of the Burrow Carve a burrow in soil or stone. The character is nude at the time of invoking the clause. ●● Wyrd + Survival
••••• Collapsing the Entrance Collapse all or part of one's den. The building belongs to the changeling using the clause. ●●●○ Wyrd + Strength
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