Cortenarus Cassini
Name Hugo Cortenarus Cassini
Career path Navigator
Rank 1
XP 5750
Insanity 4
Corruption 5
Wounds 11

After the transport ship Nothing Out Of The Ordinary that he had been serving on was raided by pirates, navigator Hugo Cortenarus Cassini was forced to aid the brigands for a lengthy period of time before being rescued by rogue trader Psi Morgan and Cassini's old acquintance, the astrapath Vertigo. Due to this debt of gratitude to Commodore Marshal Admiral Morgan, Cassini now guides his ship, The Eye of Uranus, to bold new adventures.

Weapon skill Ballistic skill Strength Toughness Agility Intelligence Perception Will Power Fellowship
31 35 31 40 33 54 46 50 44
Skills Talents & Traits Powers
Awareness Peer: Nobility The Lidless Stare
Common Lore: Nobility Peer: Administratum Tracks in the Stars
Contortionist Resistance: Fear Void Watcher
Forbidden Lore: Navigators Talented: Navigation: Warp
Forbidden Lore: Warp Rival: Chorda Family
Literacy Enemy: Chorda Family
Logic Good Reputation: Winterscale Dynasty
Navigation: Stellar Good Reputation: House Visscher
Navigation: Warp Rival: Some rogue trader family
Psyniscience Vendetta
Scholastic Lore: Astromancy Navigator
Speak Language: High Gothic Pistol Weapon Training: Universal
Speak Language: Low Gothic -10 to Fellowship tests with dirt dwellers
Trade: Astrographer +10 on Interaction Skill Tests in formal situations
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