Changeling Lost]

The Seelie Courts

Spring: Focusing on hiding from the Fae by living amongst the mortals. They thrive on Desire.
Contract of Eternal Spring, Contract of Fleeting Spring and Contract of Verdant Spring
Summer: Seeking to strike out against the Fae directly. They thrive on Wrath.
Contract of Eternal Summer, Contract of Fleeting Summer and Contract of Punishing Summer

The Unseelie Courts

Autumn: Exploring the powers of faerie magic and the enigmas of the unknown. They thrive on Fear.
Contract of Eternal Autumn, Contract of Fleeting Autumn and Contract of Spellbound Autumn
Winter: Masters of deception and keepers of mysteries. They thrive on Sorrow.
Contract of Eternal Winter, Contract of Fleeting Winter and Contract of Sorrow-Frozen Heart

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