Darkling Kith

Antiquarian Collectors of Forbidden Secrets Keys to Knowledge 9-Again on Academics and Investigation rolls. Can spend Glamour to temporarily use Encyclopedic Knowledge CtL 106
Gravewright Affinity with the Dead Charnel Sight Spend Glamour to see ghosts CtL 106
Leechfinger Fae Vampire Sap the Vital Spark Spend Glamour to heal self while damaging the opponent CtL 106
Mirrorskin Doppelganger and Identity Thief The Mercurial Visage +3 to disguise rolls CtL 106
Tunnelgrub The Monster Under Your Bed Slither and Squirm Can spend 1 Glamour to wriggle free of restraints or squeeze through tight spaces CtL 106
Lurkglider Winged Monsters Gargoyle's Grace Spend Glamour to fall 100 yards without taking damage, +2 to for balancing on ledges. WM 71
Moonborn Madness Lunatic's Kiss Every 24 hours, roll Int + Wyrd vs. Res + Wyrd. Both of you go nuts, humans go crazier. WM 71
Nightsinger Music Haunting Nocturne Spend Glamour, roll Perform + Wyrd vs Comp + Wyrd. Listener gets -2 to Resolve, Empathy, Subtrefuge. Free Performance Specialty. WM 72
Palewraith Forgotten Light's Aversion Spend Glamour, +1 to defense in shadows (Applies to firearms as well). WM 72
Razorhand Promise of Nighttime Violence Ripper's Gift Spend Glamour, hand becomes a knife (1L). Gain Melee Specialty Knives. WM 73
Whisperwisp Spies, Watching and Listening Turncoat's Tongue 9-Again on Empathy and Subterfuge on conversation/gather info. Spend Glamour to whisper a message within earshot. WM 73
Illes Trolls Shadow Beauty Spend Glamour, gain ●●●● Striking Looks merit (WoD, p117) for one hour. Gain +2 social when dealing with opposite sex. WM 107
Pishacha Demons Taste of Madness Spend Glamour, and lick opponent. Opponent gains mild derangement (or upgrades to major) for one week. Can only be used once per week. WM 107
Skogsra Wood Trolls Keepers of the Feral Heart Spend Glamour and look into bird or mammal's eyes. It becomes a loyal pet until next sunrise or sundown. WM 107
Lurkers Thieves and Pickpockets Larcenous Fingers 9-Again on Larceny rolls, with no penalty for poor equipment. Spend Glamour to gain a +2 to Larceny rolls. 8-Again on Stealth rolls. VL 22
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