Elemental Kith

Airtouched Air/Clouds/Wind Velocity of the Zephyr Can spend Glamour to add Wyrd to Speed or Initiative for the scene CtL 109
Earthbones Earth/Mud/Sand/Stone Terrestrial Might Can spend Glamour to increase non-combat Strength rolls at 1-to-1 basis CtL 109
Fireheart Fire/Lightning/Heat Flickering Acumen Can spend Glamour to increase Wits rolls at 1-to-1 basis CtL 109
Manikin Dolls/Mechanical Men Artificer's Enchantment Can learn Contracts of Artifice and make untrained Crafts rolls with reduced penalty CtL 109
Snowskin Snow/Ice The Voice of Ice 9-Again on Intimidation and Subterfuge rolls and can spend Glamour to reroll a failed Intimidation roll CtL 110
Waterborn Water/Lakes/Ponds The Gift of Water Can spend a Glamour to breathe underwater and Swim at 2xSpeed. Cannot breathe air until effect is over or Glamour is spent to deactivate CtL 110
Woodblood Plants/Fungi/Wood Fade into the Foliage 9-Again on Stealth and Survival rolls. Can spend a Glamour to hide in a normally unhideable area with decent foliage CtL 110
Blightbent Living glob of Pollution Caustic Caress Spend Glamour, breathe pollution. Roll Dex + Wyrd - targets stamina. Target takes one lethal per sucess unless he can defend. +3 to resist manmade poisons. WM 78
Levinquick Electricity/Lighting Fireflaught's Vigor Spend Glamour, +2 to speed and intiative. Lasts for a turn per Wyrd. WM 79
Metalflesh Statues made of Metal Forge's Endurance Spend Glamour, +1 to Stamina, Resolve, Composure for scene. WM 79
Sandharrowed Sand/Deserts Enveloping Sands +2 on grapples and escaping grapples. WM 79
Apsaras Beautiful Fog Nymphs Enthralling Mist Spend Glamour, change a target's vice to "Lust". Add Wyrd to manipulation. Lasts 24 hours. WM 108
Ask-wee-da-eed Will-o-the-Wisp Taste of Ill Luck Spend Glamour, force a successful reroll at -1. Gain +1 to all Contracts of the Hearth. WM 108
Di-cang Humanoid Jewel Peace of Suffering Spend Glamour, for one scene, everyone within 10 yards suffers no wound penalties. Purchase Larceny at half cost. WM 108
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