Elements Elemental Kith

• Cloak of the Elements Be protected from all manifestations of the element. Wearing a symbolic representation of the element ●● -
•• Armor of the Element’s Fury Gain 1 Armor, do damage on contact, attack by touch. Touching the element when the contract is invoked ●● Wyrd + Dexterity
••• Control Elements Direct the element within the area. Area completely dominated by the element ●●● Wyrd + Manipulation
•••• Calling the Element Call an element to the area. Calling the element solely to entertain ●●●● Wyrd + Wits
••••• Become the Primal Foundation Become a manifestation of the element. Must sit and contemplate a large amount of the element for at least half an hour immediately before ●●●● Wyrd + Manipulation
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