Fairest Kith

Bright Ones Transformed by Light/Fire/Ice Goblin Illumination Can illuminate an area at will. By spending a Glamour, can make the light blinding CtL 113
Dancer Dancers, Assassins and Artists Fae Grace 9-Again on Socialize or Expression rolls involving agility and +1 to Dodge CtL 114
Draconic Graceful Warriors/Beastblooded Dragon's Talon Spend Glamour, reroll a Brawl attack, once per scene. +1 to Brawl rolls CtL 114
Flowering Personification of a Sweet Flower Seductive Fragrance 9-Again on Persuasion, Socialize and Subterfuge CtL 114
Muse Artistic Inspiration The Tyranny of Ideas Can spend a Glamour to give a Human +2 to an Expression, Persuasion, Socialize or Subterfuge roll CtL 114
Flamesiren Entrancement of the Flame Burning Hypnotism Spend Glamour, everyone looking must rolle Res + Comp, or suffer -2 to all actions until scene or effect ends. WM 83
Polychromatic Rainbowchild/Emotional Epileptic Prismatic Heart Spend Glamour, +2 to resist emotional manipulation for scene. All empathy vs. changeling suffers -1. WM 84
Shadowsoul Beauty of the Night Unnatural Chill Bonus to Intimidate = Wyrd, 9 again subterfuge. Contracts of Darkness are affinity. WM 84
Telluric Stars Music of the Spheres Always know what time it is, +3 on situations that require precise timing. Free Astronomy for Academics, Astrology for Occult. WM 84
Treasured Treasured Item Alabaster Fortitude Once per scene, spend Glamour, retake one Stamina, Resolve or Composure roll (Not for derangement rolls.) WM 85
Gandharva Pretty Messenger Heavenly Articulation Spend Glamour, Expression or Persuasion rolls become an exceptional success at 3 die instead of 5 for one scene. WM 108
Succubus Demons of Temptation and Sex Vice to Vice If target and Succubus have same vice, +1 to all social rolls. If both have Lust, +2. Free ●● Striking Looks merit (WoD, p117). If already owned, ●●●●. WM 109
Weisse Frau Kind, Sad Pale Matrons Kiss of Life Spend Glamour and kiss a target once per chapter. Target gains +2 armor. If target is younger then 13, +3. Does not stack with other armor. WM 109
Minstrel Performer Perfect Pitch Spend Glamour, reroll any failed dice on Expression roll. Harvesting Glamour from audience gains 8-Again. NH:GF 43
Romancer Masters of Twisting Truths Narcissus's Blessing Subtle changes in everyone's eyes, incurs -3 to describe character, applies to clothes. Even cameras, both video and digital are affected by blessing. NH:GF 46
Larcenist Charmers and Thieves Thievery's Grace 9-Again on Larceny and Socialize rolls involving Agility. +1 to dodge when dodging attacks. NH:GF 63
Playmate Taken to be the Fae's Best Friend Circle of Friends When Playmate is primary actor in a teamwork roll, add +2. If secondary, you may forgo roll to give primary 9-again. NH:GF 122
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