Fang And Talon

Fang And Talon Beast Kith Lost 142

• Tongues of Birds and Words of Wolves Speak with animal (one type, chosen at first use of Contract) Give the animal a new name Wyrd + Animal Ken
•• Beast’s Keen Senses Gain +2 Perception as the chosen animal's primary senses are inherited Sees or touches the animal of the imitated type ●● Wyrd + Wits
••• Pipes of the Beastcaller Call upon a group of the chosen animal Ask the animal to guard or watch the user's dwelling ●● Wyrd + Animal Ken
•••• Tread of the Swift Hooves Assume movement type of the chosen animal Touch an animal of the correct type ●● Wyrd + Dex
••••• Cloak of the Bear’s Massive Form Transformation into chosen animal In animal's natural habitat or within touching distance of the animal ●●●● Wyrd + Manipulatio
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