Danny Rand - Fantôme [Refresh 7 (10 - 3)]

Skills: [27 (25 + 2 from "experience")]

Great (+4) Agility, Fists [8]
Good (+3) Endurance, Conviction, Alertness[9]
Fair (+2) Lore, Discipline, Resources [6]
Average (+1) Rapport, Empathy, Presence, Intimidate, [4]

Stress: Physical: (5) OOO OO Mental: (5) OOO OO Social: (4) OOO O

Template: Pure Human
[-1 Refresh]: Killer Blow,
[-1 Refresh]: Martial Artist
[-1 Refresh]: Lethal Weapon

High Concept Aspect: Living Weapon Martial Artist
Trouble: Destined to be Emissary of Power for a Dragon Shou-Lao the Undying
Background Aspect: Near-control his nervous system and Chi
Rising Conflict: Vigilante Fantôme
The Story: Seeker of Enlightenment before its too late
Guest Star: The Dept of Life and Blood
Guest Star Redux: Anything and Everyone has a Weak-point

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