Forge Wizened Kith Rites of Spring 99

• Rewriting the Image alter the details of any two dimensional. Changing an image of a person in to the user Wyrd + Expression
•• Trivial Reworking Reshape small object in minor ways. Reshaping a stolen object to use against the person ●● Wyrd + Crafts
••• Discreet Conjuration Conjure small object from pocket Paying an enemy for valuable info with a valuable object ●●○ Wyrd + Manipulation
•••• Hidden Reality Create or Change some minor feature of reality. Used when creating a way out of a place where they've been confined against their will ●●●○ Wyrd + Wits
••••• Paths of Desire open a gateway that leads to anyplace in the Hedge that the character has ever visited User has buried a vial of their own blood in the soil of the desired location ●●●○○ Wyrd + Academics
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