Gerhardt Fried, dragonborn sorceror / essence mage

str 22 +6 defences hit points feats more feats skills
con 11 AC 30 hp 106 dual implement caster draconic arrogance arcana 19
dex 14 +2 fort 30 bloodied 53 prof leather arcane admixture intimidate 23
int 11 ref 24 surge value 26 cyclone warrior arcane admixture bluff 21
wis 9 -1 will 33 surges 6 dragonic spellcasting superior will diplomacy 21
cha 24 +7 init 11 sorcerous blade channeling resilient focus streetwise 21
disciple of freedom
Racial features
Dragonborn fury When bloodied, gain +1 racial bonus to attack.
Breath weapon (lightning) 1/enc, close blast 3, +19/2d6+5 vs ref lightning damage.
Class features
Dragonic power Add str to damage of arcane powers, str +2 at 11, str +4 at 21.
Dragonic resilience When not wearing heavy armor, use str in place of dex or int to determine ac.
Dragon soul (lightning) Gain resist 13 against lightning, ignore enemy lightning resistance up to 13 points of lightning resistance on arcane attacks.
Scales of the dragon Gain +2 ac until end of encounter when first bloodied.
Paragon path features:
Essential action Action point for extra action grants untyped +4 attack on arcane powers until start of your next turn.
Energy essence When you hit with an attack that deals more than one type of damage, deal extra 1d6 damage with it.
Essential resistance Whenever you gain a resistance, add 3 to that resistance. (4 from level 21 on).
basic melee +22/d4+10 vs AC
Dragonfrost +22/d8+d6+33 vs fort ranged 10 or melee 1, basic ranged, cold and lightning damage, on hit you push the target one square
Blazing starfall +22/d6+d4+25 vs ref Burst 1 in 10, each creature in burst, radiant damage and lightning
encounter attacks
Thunderstroke +22/2d8+25 vs ref burst 1 in 20, creatures in burst, thunder damage, hit: if the target is in the origind square, it also takes 3d8 (+d6) lightning damage.
Primordial Storm +22/3d6+25 vs ref Ranged burst 1 in 10, lightning and thunder damage, hit: Each creature in area takes lightning and thunder damage. Additionally at the start of their next turn, they take 5 fire and ice damage.
Spark form +22/d6+25 vs ref Personal, target: each creature you move through, effect: before the attack, shift your speed +2, you can move through occupied squares during the shift, but must end in an unoccupied square.
Essence of arcane blood +22/3d8+d6+25 vs ref Ranged 20, one creature, fire and lightning damage, hit: until end of your next turn, you gain combat advantage against all targets of your arcane attacks.
encounter utilities
Spatial trip move action: You teleport a number of squares equal to half your speed.
Sudden scales Immediate interrupt, trigger: you are hit by an attack, effect: gain +8 to all defences against the triggering attack.
Fog form Immediate interrupt, trigger: you are hit by an attack, effect: You become insubstantial until the end of your next turn.
Essence form Minor action: You become insubstantial until the end of your next turn. Ifyou hit with an arcane power while you are insubstantial, you gain temporary hit points equal to one half your level + your Charisma modifier.
Avatars of Chaos Minor Action Personal Effect: You conjure images of yourself in 4 unoccupied, nonadjacent squares within 10 squares of you, and then you disappear from the world. Each round at the start of your turn, choose one of the four images. Your essence occupies that image, allowing you to act normally (including moving and making attacks). When you conjure each image, choose a keyword for it from among fire, force, lightning, and psychic. You can't choose the same keyword twice. While you occupy an image, you gain a + 1 bonus to attack rolls when you use a power that has a keyword that matches that image. Each image lasts until the end of the encounter, until it is destroyed, or until you dismiss it. Each image occupies 1 square, and creatures cannot move through an image's space. An image can be targeted by attacks and uses your defenses. Each image (including the one you occupy) has 1 hit point, and a missed attack never damages an image. An image is destroyed if it is reduced to 0 hit points or fewer. Ifyou occupy an image when it is destroyed, you can immediately move to any other image still present. If you occupy the last remaining image when it is destroyed, you reappear in that square. As a minor action, you can dismiss all remaining images and reappear in any square that was occupied by an image when you took this action.
daily attacks
Lightning Daggers +22/2d4+25 vs ref Ranged 10, lightning damage, until end of encounter, repeat this attack as a free action once per round during your turn.
Blackfire Serpent +20/2d12+23 vs ref std action, effect: You conjure a blackfire serpent in an unoccupied square within range. The serpent lasts until the end of your next turn. The serpent occupies 1 square. Enemies cannot move through its space, but allies can. When it appears, the serpent makes the following attack, which is a close blast 3. As a move action, you can move the serpent a number of squares equal to your Strength modifier. Target: Each creature in blast Attack: Charisma vs. Reflex Hit: 2d12 + Charisma modifier fire damage.Sustain Minor: The snake persists, and it can repeat the attack.
Protective Essence +20/4d6+23 vs ref Close burst 2, each enemy in burst, force damage, effect: Until end of the encounter, you gain resist 5 all damage and each time you use an arcane power, enemies adjecent to you take damage equal to your cha (7).
Adamantine echo +20/2d6+28 vs fort Close blast 3, each creature in blast, thunder damage, hit: ongoing 5 thunder damage (save ends), effect: you gain str (5) power bonus to AC until end of the encounter.
Blood iron dagger +4 Crit d10, do crit damage again at the start of next turn.
Wyrmtooth dagger +3 Crit d6 and target loses it's resistances (save ends), daily free action: until end of the encounter, sorc attack powers you use through this dagger, ignore the resistances of any enemy within 10 squares of you.
Runic dagger +3
Magic leather armor +3
Shroud of the ravens +3 av2, 68: on hit, turn insubstantial until start of next turn and gain fly speed and shift 3
Bracers of the perfect shot +2 item bonus to basic ranged damage.
Fundamental ice (av 194) immobilize enemy on hit by cold power.
Exodus knife make an extra planar sanctuary or some such… AV jotain…
Ring of the dragonborn emperor (av 161) +3 close attacs, +5 breath, daily immediate reaction: use encounter power when bloodied, if you have a mile stone, the power isn't expended and you can use a power already expended.
Belt of the Witch King +2 fort, daily free action: when bloodied, gain hit points equal to twice the level of your highest unused power.
Helm of the Cyclops You can see invisible creatures. Choose one creature you can see, it can not be invisible. (daily?)
Incisive dagger +4 Increases teleport distance by item bonus and daily minor teleport ??.
Enlightenment +5 +5 to arcana, daily immediate reaction: When you are attacked using a fire, cold, lightning or acid, you may attack using a power with the same keyword.

120 gold

Dragonfrost damage:
base: 1d8
essence: +1d6 (arcane admixture + energy essence)
cha: +7
str: +8 (+2 from 11 th level on)
draconic arrogance: +6 (+str damage whenever you push target)
draconic spellcaster: +2
enhanc: +8 (dual implement caster)
item: +2 (bracers)

total: 1d8 +1d6 +32

level +9
cha +7
dragonborn spellcasting +2
weapon enchancement +4
total: 22

Blazing starfall:
base 1d4
essence 1d6
cha: +6
str: +7
draconic spellcasting: +2
enhanc: +7

total: 1d6 + 1d4 +24

When bloodied:
+2 ac from scales of the dragon (until end of encounter when first bloodied)
+1 attack from dragonborn fury


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