Hag's Spine Archipelago

A desolate and distant archipelago some distance away from Lankia. Its primary feature is the small volcano on the largest island, which houses a vast natural cave network. Primarily known through a legend as the grounds of an ambitious half-dragon experiment performed by an ancient dragon turtle and thus only most desperate people make landfall willingly. The tortle race was created by carefully diluting the draconic heritage via magical reproduction until the race could reproduce independently without losing too much of its physical attributes. The dragon turtle, known only as the Mother to its lesser children, mysteriously disappeared shortly after the tortle race became stable enough to survive on their own, but not before imparting no small amount her repository of arcane and scientific knowledge to guide and protect them. They have developed their own approach to magic that relies more on magical brews and items than on-the-spot castings.

The tortles are lead by the direct descendants of Mother, who are more pure of heritage, but cannot reproduce without magical means. There are a few score of common tortles and a dozen these elite half-dragon turtles living on the archipelago, guarding it and its treasures should Mother ever return.

Tortles outside the island have no real deities or culture to belong to, so these "free" tortles assimilate to their surrounding culture to the best of their ability. They are considered a major liability and tortles on Hag's Spine seek to bring them back to fold or eliminate them by force.

Hag's Spine Random Encounter (1d6) Encounter
1 1d8 Humanoid Slaves (non-aggressive) + 2 Tortles
2 1d6 Tortles
3 1 Bound Lawful Evil Water Weird
4 1 Flail Snail (non-aggressive)
5 1d4 Construct Beasts (Template: Large Beast => Large Construct with immune to poison, poisoned, charming, and darkvision 60 ft. Languages: Aquan, Draconic, Common)
6 1 Half-Dragon Turtle + 1d4 Tortles
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