Heroes Of Undarin

Character Creation Advice

The players should build 12th-level characters using the rules found in the Pathfinder Playtest Rulebook. These characters should all be crusaders who have signed on to fight demons in the Worldwound. The group should work together to build a balanced and diverse party using any of the available character options. Note that the characters should avoid doubling up on any one ancestry or class if possible. Each character has 100 gp and can choose three items from the list below (multiples are NOT allowed):

+3 Suit of Armour
+3 Weapon
+3 Handwraps of Mighty Fists
+2 Weapon with one rune of: Corrosive, Frost, Flaming or Shock.
Bracers of Armour (6th level)
Light/Heavy Adamantine Sturdy Shield
Ring of Energy Resistance (one type)


When Ramlock was struck by his fateful mind quake, he suffered the last weeks of his humanity in a self-imposed prison-cavern below a set of standing stones sacred to followers of Desna. Drawing upon bits of alien lore, he scribed clues and hints on the walls of his cell—and just like a spell, once scribed, this lore left Ramlock’s mind entirely. When he finally finished, he’d emptied out upon the walls of the cavern the last vestiges of his humanity. Fortunately for the world to come, the same energies that caused Ramlock to forget these key elements of lore left him blind to the notes scribbled on the walls, so when he left his prison and murdered the priests who had attempted to aid him during his convalescence, he had no idea he was leaving behind something that would not only some day become a linchpin to his own plans, but would also become hope for the future. The lore he left behind constituted secrets he would, later in his life, collectively refer to as the White Axiom.

When and Where

This adventure takes place in 4715 ar, a year after the events chronicled in the Wrath of the Righteous Adventure Path have taken place. The portal to the Abyss known as the Worldwound has been closed by mighty heroes, but the surrounding lands are still overrun with demons and monsters. The Fifth Crusade may be winding down, but the challenge facing the crusaders remains, even if it’s shifted from one of holding the line against the demonic armies to cleanup. Enough demons remain in the region that it will likely be decades before the region is cleansed, and for now the place remains a nightmarish, post-apocalyptic realm.

Journal Entry of a Crusader

This week could not be worse.
The journey through the deadly wastelands of the Worldwound has stretched on for five days now, escorting a group of heroes of the Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye to the demon-infested town of Undarin. The watch commander said that this mission was of the utmost importance, but when talking to the heroes, it seems they are intent upon recovering some ancient writings called the White Axiom. Archaeology seems hardly worth risking lives over, no matter how rare the prize, but those were the orders and members of the Crusade are known for their bravery and honor. Although these lands are not nearly as dangerous as they once were, now that the Worldwound is closed, there are still roaming bands of demons, savage barbarians, and supernaturally diseased wildlife to contend with. The going has been terribly slow, and upon arriving at the destination, it has become clear that the ruins are far more deadly than the corrupted countryside. Demons lurk in the shadows, the dead stir from their endless slumber, and blasphemous chanting can be heard down every alley calling upon the foul powers that brought devastation to this land. The temple to Desna was not hard to find, located above a narrow valley on the city’s outskirts. Upon arriving, the Esoteric Order heroes immediately descended into the catacombs to confirm that the writings they sought were here. Fortunately they were right; the ancient texts were down below. Unfortunately, they can’t be moved, as the letters are carved into the walls of a long-forgotten cavern below the ruined church. It will take time for the heroes to learn what they can from the writings, and interacting with the powerful arcane formulas will undoubtedly attract the local inhabitants. Once the Esoteric Order heroes begin, the demons will notice and attack. But the demons need only to be held off long enough for the heroes of the Esoteric Order to complete their task…

Magic Items

The party can distribute the following magic items as they see fit.

Amount Item
1 Boots of Elvenkind
1 Cape of the Mountebank
10 Cold Iron Arrow/Bolt
1 +1 Cold Iron Dagger
1 Explosive Ammunition (of choice)
1 Greater Goggles of Night
4 Greater Healing Potion
2 Major Healing Potion
1 Weapon Holy Rune (of choice)
1 Staff of Evocation (lesser)
1 Potion of Quickness
2 Invisibility Potion
1 Ring of Climbing
1 Lesser Ring of Fire Resistance
1 Slippers of Spider Climbing
1 Wand of Heal (3rd level, 10 charges)
1 Armbands of Athleticism
1 Bravo's Brew
1 Healer's Gloves
1 Potion of Flying
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