Jonathan Deux

Name: Jonathan Deaux

Jonathan Deaux was born in 1983 in an U.S experimental warfare facility known as Edgewood Arsenal. Shut down publicly in 1975 after public outcry due to inhumane chemical experiments on military personnel, the facility was reopened in 1979 under Lt. Frederick Holmes "Skip" Atwater as a special branch of the Defense Intelligence Agency's "Stargate" project. Edgewater Arsenal began work on project Rosemary, named after Rosemary Smith, a secretary who located a downed Soviet aircraft via remote viewing in the Amazon jungle.

The purpose of project Rosemary was to study and cultivate psychic powers in adolescent children and through teamwork and group mentality form a kind of group mind that would allow a squad of soldiers to operate with maximum efficiency and precision even under the most stressing circumstances. In 1990, the first signs of psionic activity were recorded by the research personnel, when four children that were taught separate mathematical equations were able to perform a demanding calculation using all four equations each, without even being in the same room. Soon, out of 86 subjects ranging from ages 8 to 14, 26 demonstrated visible psionic potential.

Project Rosemary came to an abrupt and strange end in 1999, when a lab accident caused a fire and an electrical short-circuit, ultimately taking the lives of 25 of the 26 subjects and most of the project personnel present in the facility at that time. The project was then shut down and all remaining personnel directed to new operations and projects. The surviving subject, known as Subject Alpha, or Jonathan Deaux, was rehabilitated after extensive trauma care and currently leads an ordinary civilian life.

Personal Dossier:

Jonathan Deaux, Subject Alpha, is a surviving member of a US government blacksite experiment. Expert in firearms and close-quarters combat, Deaux is also adept in small-unit tactics and and a valuable asset in combating and studying anomalies. Though poorly understood, he seems to be capable of establishing some sort of a telepathic network using himself as a sort of a beacon for psychic talent, allowing rapid decision-making and reaction in combat situations. However, his erratic and occasionally mercurial behavior has led our experts to believe that what happened in Edgewood Arsenal in 1999 was actually a so-called composite event, causing the deceased 25 subjects to linger on as sort of psionic imprints or ghosts in Deaux's psyche, resulting in a gestalt personality.

Close observation is recommended.

Health 16
Stability 12

Athletics 8
Infiltration 4
Medic 4
Preparedness 4
Sense Trouble 8
Shooting 10
Shrink 2
Weapons 8

History 1
Human Terrain 1
Languages 1
Military Science 2
Occult Studies 1
Research 1

Astronomy 1
Cryptography 1
Forensic Pathology 1
Notice 1
Outdoor Survival 1
Urban Survival 1

Bullshit Detector 1
Flattery 1
Interrogation 1
Intimidation 1
Negotiation 1
Reassurance 1
Streetwise 1
Tradecraft 1

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