Kanako Karasudo

Kanako Karasudo, noto no kuni no obaasan

Relationship to Kazuya (grandmother)
Affiliation to Heiankyou matriarchy 3d
Affiliation to karasudo clan 1d (grandmother)
Affiliation to women of noto hantou 1d (yomi no obaasan)
Affiliation to kinsatsu clan 1d

Property: house withing the fortress
Riding horse
Workshop women's business
Painted scrolls

Reputation real power behind the holdings of Karasudo 2d
Reputation old lady of a fallen merchant house 2d
Reputation as a woman you don't argue with 1d


Will G4 Pwr 2
Per B7 Agl 3
Circles G2 Forte 3
Resources MAXED Speed 1


Accounting* Per 6
Administration* Per 5
Anatomy Per 4
Bandit wise Per 5
Child rearing* Will 3G
City wise Per 4
Currency wise Per 4
Estate management* 4
Fortress wise Per 4
Geometry Training Per 4
Haggling Will 3G
History Per 4
Husband wise Per 4
Inconspicious Will 5G
Literacy* Per 4
Peasant wise Per 4
Persuasion* Will 5G
Philosophy will/per 4
Pirates wise Per 4
Power wise* Per 5
Rule of Law Per 5
Seduction Will 3G
Staff wise Per 4
Streetwise Per 4
Supplier wise Per 4
Symbology Per 3
Ugly truth* Per 5
Young slut wise Per 5 (often forked to seduction)

Good listener 3 +1d persuation
Seemingly conserned 3 +1 success persuation

Patient 1p


— no jaa. löytäkää hänet nyt ensin


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