Stormsoul genasi wizard

str 18 +4
con 12 +1
dex 10
int 18 +4
wis 12 +1
cha 8 -1

at-will: Scorching burst +6 vs ref /d6+9 fire
at-will: Ray of Frost +6 vs fort /d6+9 cold and slow until end of your next turn
at-will: melee basic attack +6 vs ac / +5

encounter: Icy terrain burst 1 in 10, +6 vs ref 1d6+9 cold, knocks prone, effect: difficult terrain until end of next turn, sustain minor
encounter: Icy rays, ranged 10 one or two creatures, d10+9 cold, hit: target is immobilized until end of your next turn.
daily: Flaming sphere ranged 10, attacks one adjecent creature, +6 vs ref / 2d6+9 fire, any creature starting their turn adjecent to the sphere takes 1d4+9, move action 6 squares, sustain minor, standard action to make another attack with the sphere.

encounter util: shield, immediate interrupt +4 ac and ref until end of your next turn, trigger: you are hit


elemental empowerment
leather armor proficiency

ac: 19
fort: 16
ref: 15
will: 14

hit points: 12 + 10 + 12 = 34

arcana 10
history 10
nature 12
religion 10

non trained:
endurance 4

cloak of resistance: daily resist 5 all until start of next turn
staff of the warmage
magic leather armor

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