Seeming for Changeling Lost and Kith


Concepts: cat burglar, animal rights activist, ox-sized college jock, man-eating loan shark, reptilian lawyer, hare-like professional athlete, dog soldier, queen bee of the sorority, eagle-eyed detective…..
The Animals
(+) 8-Again on Animal Ken and a free specialty on the animal most represented in their mien.
(+) Can add points of Glamour to Presence and Composure dice pool.
(-) -4 untrained penalty in Mental Skills.
(-) Do not reroll 10s in dice pools involving Intelligence.
Contracts: Fang and Talon (CtL 142), Contracts of the Den (WM 19), Contracts of the Wild (RoS 111)


Concepts: parapsychologist, night-shift call center worker, chimney sweep, lab assistant, amateur night-time naturalist, night refuge manager.
The Boogiemen
(+) Spend Glamour to increase dice pool involving Wits, Subterfuge and Stealth.
(+) 9-Again on Stealth rolls.
(-) -1 to activate Contracts during the daytime.
(-) -2 to activate Contracts while the sun is upon the Darkling.
Contracts: Darkness (CtL 136), Shade and Spirit (WM 26)


Concepts: Secretly incompetent firefighter, landscape gardener, logging saboteur, clockwork secretary, workaholic steelworker, tornado chaser, model with flawless skin, competitive mountaineer, deep-sea diver…
Embodiments of Nature
(+) Once per day, spend one point of Glamour to increase Health by your Wyrd level for one scene.
(-) Do not reroll 10s in dice pools involving Manipulation, Empathy, Expression, Persuasion or Socialize, except in dice pools for seeming affinity Contracts
Contracts: Elements (CtL 138), Communion (WM 32), Contracts of the Wild (RoS 111)


Concepts: Charismatic but incompetent executive, professional athlete, lead singer in a band, catalog model, too-glamorous gangbanger, out-of-work actor waiting tables, high school beauty queen, low-table professional footballer, late night torch singer.
The Royalty and Glamorous
(+) Spend Glamour to improve dice pools involving Presence, Manipulation and Persuasion
(+) Do not suffer a penalty for untrained social skills.
(-) -1 when rolling to avoid losing Clarity
Contracts: Vainglory (CtL 146), Reflection (ER 34), Separation (WM 40)


Concepts: Working-class Red Cap hard-man, arrogant giant CEO, shrill political activist, nightclub bouncer, understanding but non-nonsense bar manager, belligerent redneck, prizefighter, deep sea fisherman.
The Monsters
(+) Spend Glamour to improve dice pools involving Strength, Brawl and Intimidate.
(-) Do not reroll 10s in dice pools involving Composure (Except for perception rolls, Wits + Composure)
(-) -1 Penalty when using Composure as a defense trait (Subtracting defense from a characters dice pool).
Contracts: Stone (CtL 144), Oath and Punishment (WM 47)


Concepts: Creepy backstreet surgeon, faithful laconic manservant, snooty maître d', footpad for hire, reclusive artist, socially inept radio technician, pawnbroker.
The Servants and Craftsmen
(+) Spend Glamour to get 9-Again on Dexterity for the scene
(+) Spend Glamour to add Wyrd to dodge total
(-) Do not reroll 10s in dice pools involving Presence
(-) -2 for untrained Social Skills
Contracts: Artifice (CtL 134), Animation (WM 52), Forge (RoS 99)

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