Oasis Of Roses

I managed to acquire it when the previous owner wanted to retire. A lively business, nearly a brand, with reliable workers in an area between the slums and richer parts of the town, in the middle-class area. It wasn't large, but slowly expanding (often in many ways than one, har har). The business was good, the workers were almost beautiful - both the boys and girls -, and the customers were plentiful. And the customers seemed to get richer and richer all the time. Of course, the more money they had, the more exotic the requirements got.

But most importantly, for the short while the Oasis was mine. Now mostly gone, thanks to that fat, hypocritical cleric. I knew it was a risk to accept the cleric as a customer, especially since he was a rapidly rising name in their church. But it was a risk I had to take, if I wanted to take my business to higher markets. Unfortunately, his tastes were a bit.. let's say.. diabolic. And I couldn't deliver, not in the time he would have wanted. And when he was appointed as one of the highest ministers in their goody-goody order, it was almost inevitable that my business would get ransacked. Someone might think it ironic, that the new owner of the Oasis is a man, a noble who is rumored to have connections to some sinister cults. But in the same time a man, who is a member of the Red Winged Riders. Or maybe the cleric intended it like that, because now at least he can hope to satisfy his needs with some "real friends" in the higher class.

I'm not sure, if his church knows about his desires. Maybe they do, or not. But I definitely do know. And I AM going to get my business back, and make both the cleric and the new owner to pay for their doings. Luckily, the cleric doesn't know my real name, not yet at least. But in this world, it is difficult to keep secrets for long. Not even, if most of the people who know, are now dead.

Erdan Helm

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