Oath And Punishment

Oath And Punishment Ogre Kith Winter Masques 47

• Pursuer’s Seven-League Leap Jump long distances. Pursuing an Oathbreaker Wyrd + Athletics
•• Sense Tainted Vows Determine whether a touched entity has violated oaths and gain the general impression of the most significant oath Target has sworn or is swearing an oath with the Changeling Wyrd + Wits vs Powerstat + Composure
••• Inexorable Pursuer Gain a bonus to resist some attempts to apply emotional influence. Successfully resisted a Court based emotional manipulation or attack in the last day. Wyrd + Resolve
•••• Relentless Pursuit Sense distance and direction to pursued subject. The Changeling can't stop to rest for more than 15 minutes. Including resting in a vehicle, but not driving. ●● Wyrd + Stamina
••••• Cruel Vengeance Against a subject who has violated an oath, bashing damage is upgraded to lethal and lethal to aggravated. The target is a member of the Changeling's Freehold. ●● Wyrd + Presence vs Powerstat + Manipulation
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