Oath of the Seeker

For D&D 5th edition as an additional option for a Sacred Oath of the paladin class, particular for paladins of Kord or other Chaotic Good gods. Note that for now benefits are only up to level 6 and may be expanded later.

Oath of the Seeker

You are a Seeker on a quest of your own making, whether it is to find a
long lost relic, rid a land of invaders or to soften the jaded heart of
an age-old elven monarch through acts of selfless sacrifice. Your quest
is noble in the eyes of the gods and must be inspired by love, altruism
and devotion.

Your quest is your path but it is not the sole focus of your efforts.
The journey is ultimately more important to your oath than the end itself.
Go out and do good deeds, help the downtrodden and vanquish evildoers.
Follow your own heart and your self-consciousness. Grow your own strength
through worthy trial and by placing yourself at the forefront as a
shining example for others to look up at. Never shy away from a challenge
or ignore the need of an innocent being in danger.

Channel Divinity
3rd level

Strength of Arm
As a free action, until end of your next turn, you gain advantage on all
physical contests such as grapple, shove or non-combat tests of strength
against another being.

Worthy Foe
As a bonus action you challenge an enemy you can see within 30 feet.
This action has no effect if the enemy does not have more hit dice
than you. If the enemy has more hit dice than you, your attacks
score a critical hit on a roll of 19 or 20. Also the damage dealt by the
enemy's first attack of each round is reduced by your CHA modifier.
This effect lasts for one minute.

Oath Spells

Paladin level Spells
3rd Heroism, Longstrider
5th Aid, Enhance Ability
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