Ogre Kith

Farwalker Cryptids and Urban Legends The Elusive Gift 9-Again on Stealth or Survival rolls and can spend a Glamour to reroll a Stealth or Survival roll CtL 118
Gargantuan Giants that Magically Grow Spurious Stature Spend Glamour, add Wyrd to Size. When returning to normal size, take 1 lethal damage. CtL 118
Gristlegrinder Monstrous Eaters Terrible Teeth 2L bite attack CtL 118
Stonebones Heavy Defenses Obdurate Skin Spend Glamour, gain Armor equal to Wyrd but suffer reduced defense CtL 118
Water-dweller Lake Monsters Lie Under the Waves Can hold breath as though Stamina 7 and no penalty to sight based perception rolls underwater CtL 119
Bloodbrute Gladiator Improvised Mayhem Spend Glamour, turn something into any weapon from the Melee Weapons Chart (WoD Core p170). No -1 Improvised Weapon penalty for the Bloodbrute. WM 90
Corpsegrinder Cannibals Sepulchral Hunger An enemy at half health grants +1 to the Ogre's attack rolls. Gain a +1 when fighting undead (Zombies, vampires) WM 90
Render Living Siege Engines Sundering Talons When attacking w/ bare hands, ignore 3 durability in objects. WM 91
Witchtooth Crones and Warlocks Black Hex Spend Glamour for +1 occult. +1 to activate Contracts that curse. WM 91
Daitya Reptilian Giants/Godslayers Cutting Might Spend Glamour, ignore durability do damage to structure for one attack. Free Weaponry Specialty. WM 109
Oni Soul Consuming Demons Mouthful of Sin Spend Glamour, bite attack once per session. Heal 1 lethal or 2 bashing for every damage dealt. Must be done on Morality 6 or less. WM 110
Troll Ambushers/Cunning Riddlers Unyielding Voice Spend Glamour, add Strength to all Manipulation rolls. WM 110
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