Power Catches


Collected Super_Powers have usually a catch that can be minor, moderate or major. These make the power more unreliable and therefore more flavorful and more like the powers in comic books. When you buy Super_Stunts to form Super_Powers you reduce the total by the amount of Catch the power has, usually it is the highest catch in any individual stunts.
Minor catches are just as you would read them, minor. They have a catch value on zero (0) and therefore have no stunt point value. They can instead be used as compels.

Moderate catches have a catch value of minus one (-1) and opponent can use fate to invoke them, or they could be compelled.

Major catches are major consequences that the character has. The character has a special major consequence (and therefore cannot have anymore major consequences), which can be tagged, compelled and invoked as normal aspect. Characters refresh rating goes up by one, but there is a floating narrative right to include some hardship to characters life from the consequence. By using fate point before the session starts the player can move the consequence to background. In addition this catch has a catch value of minus one (-1).

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