Professeur Viktor Barisov [Refresh 5 (8 - 3)]

Skills: [27 (25 + 2 from "experience")]

Great (+4) Lore, Weapons [8]
Good (+3) Scholarship, Craftsmanship, Athletics [9]
Fair (+2) Investigation, Discipline, Resources [6]
Average (+1) Performance, Conviction, Presence, Endurance [4]

Stress: Physical: (4) OOO O Mental: (4) OOO O Social: (4) OOO O

Template Base: Time Manipulating Changeling [-1]
Superhuman Recovery [-4]
Catch: "anyone could reasonably get access to, but usually doesn’t carry on them" (Cold Iron), Needs access to Research [+3].

Item Of Power: Professor Parisov's Fantastic Time Manipulation Device [-2]
One-Time Discount [+2]: Gauntlet & Obvious.
It Is What It Is Fairy Weird Tech Armored Gauntlet with Armor Rating: 2 (For Left Hand only) and Weapon Rating: 1 (Works with Weapons)
Unbreakable The Item rewinds any damage done to it.
Imparted Abilities
Supernatural Speed Controlled Time Dilation [-4]

Time Manipulation Device

High Concept Aspect: Wild-O-Wisp Heritage
Trouble: Uncontrolled Time Dilation
Background Aspect: Professor Parisov's Fantastic Inventions!
Rising Conflict: Forged from Fairy Dreams: The Time Manipulation Device
The Story: Parisov's Wondrous Travels to the Nevernever and Back
Guest Star: Controlled Time Dilation
Guest Star Redux: "I have been a Fool - it's all too obvious Now!"

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