Punainen Historia

The child was born on the hot summer night for the freeman Penhew. Child was strong but she did not cry, the blood did not wash away from her head, leaving long red stroke. The doctor was paid in silver and ale and the child named Emily after the road her father had walked..

The Penhew family carried a hair darkest of blacks, like flock of ravens had landed on them. One exception was Emily, the Red one. There had been a traveling bard, with red hair and lips. The rumor was that the bard had cast evil spells onto the young wife, spells that had violated her and the house and left the red stroke of blood after him. The servants washed the child raw, used all the mixtures they could to wash the red away, but it always came back, Red and taunting. When the child came to the age of ten, and her hair was left open, as it was done, the family locked her up and barred the windows. Nevertheless the red curse of the house Penhew haunted the name.

Missfortune haunted the rich family and the father inherited the name. He called priests, sages, magicians and alchemists to treat the child of his. The dark room, with colors of magic, was filled with dozens of practitioners of arts. They burned, twisted, frightened and enchanted the thing bound there, with little success. After all had failed and the house, now grown big and strong, with coffers full of silver and gold from trade, had still left out from the true position of power, the father called for the thing with thin glasses.


The thing was known all around Lankia as Exoscist and Killer of Witches, chosen of Pelor and "Bernassen Laupeuden Kultin" leader. It could smell the taint of the Witch on children and would purge it from them with knife and string. There had been rumors about the thing and his art, dark rumors, but father had had enough. His family was strong, he had dozens of black haired children and pretty girls, he needed not to have this taint in his rich house. Either the thing had his way with the bastard or he would bury her himself. So the thing took the red taint from the house, with knife and string, and for first time Emily had beautiful black hair, like her siblings and parents. The Thin was changed itself too…

Years went by and the house had many happy things. Emily had the permission to go to the porch, even wander a bit. But then she heard the bard singing. The song was about young wives and wandering men, about the things those men took and what they gave, and Emily's cheeks grew crimson. She was nervous that evening and scared that night. At the morning there were red hair on her billow. Later there was strokes of red… Her father had never beaten any of his family that hard. Emily was cast into darkness bloodied and broken. In that night, in the dark, she heard first time the voices in the smear of blood, piss and filt that had formed on the hard floor.

The thing with glasses came back and told Emily's father the caller had stench of a witch, reek of darkness and that the girl in there was no longer human. Discusted the father left the thing to do its work and went to care on his wife who was half mad from fear and discust. And so the thing started his work from beginning, with knife, string, fire and magic. Emily was given a dirty little book to write things down. So Emily wrote things, dark things in the dark, cold cellar while she bleeded and soilt, with candle to give her little light. As the candle ate the air from the cellar, dying and leaving the young witch to listen the whispers of the small bond of blood, piss and filt, but not alone anymore.


The heavy air went in from her mouth and filled her. She was lifted up, her hands filled like gloves, fingers moving without though.. It was not her that welcomed the thing with thin glasses next morning, but it was she who did not stop herself. When she left, with thin and worn glasses as a trophy of kind, she did not know if it was the stale air in her that moved her legs. She had opened the floor, revealed the bodies buried there. Her father had been burying things there… Maybe that's how the Bard had been there, waiting for murder and the last breath..

"I see it— coming here— hell-wind— titan-blur— black wings— Yog-Sothoth save me— the three-lobed burning eye…"

After The Presence went away, with the dying breath and soul of the eyeless thing, Emily was left alone in the city.. To be picket up by the good and kind people of house Vispess.

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