Red Room

A huge mansion on the coastline with an oriental front and small garden, insides opened up into a large coffee house, bar and a theater. Masks are provided with cost and with mask one has access to the backroom exotic dance and drug dens with variety of delightful sights. There are a deeper level on background which is a high level bordello for the established regulars. The stage plays are filled with dance and acrobatics. Behind the curtains there are massive machinery that move large set-pieces and levitate bands and individual performers.

The Red Winged Riders

A heart of the Red Room establishment are the Red Winged Riders, a band of minor nobles who wear a bloodied wing from magical beast as their symbol. The Red Winged Riders are basically group of intellectuals with ideas about the future of Tuornia. They think about the purity of thought, with a special antagonism against Witchcraft and Demon-worship. They study the innate power of humanity, the power of knowledge though surgery and psychology. The group produces theater plays and are prominent users of the prostitutes. The members perform alchemy on substances and beasts, the access to the inner circle requires a presentation of a winged magical beast that can be used to hunt lesser beings. The members enslave beings though alchemist drugs and dept, those who can do greater true magic use it too, most are mainly alchemists and bards. The ultimate winged magical beast for them is Pheonix which is in their mind immortal like humanity.

Why they are "Riders": The yearly carnival has a large parade where local nobles form a mounted column. The original members wore bloodied wing symbol on this parade. The group sometimes rides down the streets during their hunts wearing bloodied masks with their magical beasts.
Numbers: The inner circle of Red Winged Riders has few dozen or so members, individuals have number of retainers, slaves and magical beasts.
What they are: Decadent group of alchemist magical beast collectors who are humanity supremacist.
Methods: Produce odd plays that have affect to the "reality" and "collective subconsciousness" (basic Cthulhu cult), use winged magical beasts to spy on and hunt down people, produce dangerous alchemist potions.
What they want: Magical beings, enslaved humanoids, alchemist substances, remains of magical beings or objects, demontouched dead.

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