Reflection Fairest Kith Equinox Roads 34

• Reflections of the Past See into a reflective surface and see what it has reflected. The mirror belongs to someone the user has a close connection to Wyrd + Wits
•• Glimpse of a Distant Mirror Look through any surface the Changeling's face has been reflected in The mirror belongs to someone who's sworn enmity against the user Wyrd + Composure
••• Reflection’s Grasp Reach through a mirror The user reaches through a mirror he uses most ●● Wyrd + Dexterity
•••• Mirror Walk Walk through a mirror A blood relative is currently being reflected in the surface out of which he's stepping ●●● Wyrd + Athletics
••••• Stealing the Solid Reflection Create a duplicate of an object by stealing its reflection The object removed is owned by someone indebted to the user ●●●○ Wyrd + Larceny
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