Separation Fairest Kith Winter Masques 40

• Tread Lightly Walk on surfaces that could not support one's weight, and downgrade falling damage. Wearing delicate footwear which would be ruined without this power. Wyrd + Dexterity
•• Evasion of Shackles Become immediately freed from bondage or imprisonment The character is unjustly imprisoned for a crime she did not commit. Wyrd + Larceny
••• Breaching Barriers Pass through a sealed door or window. Deliberately imprisoned by another Changeling ●(●) Wyrd + Presence
•••• Elegant Protection Add Wyrd to defense for a few turns The Changeling is unarmed and does not attempt to attack. If the Catch is used attacking ends the Contract and costs 3 Glamour ●● Wyrd + Dexterity
••••• Phantom Glory Briefly enter the Twilight The Changeling wears no armour and carries no weapons. Using either ends the Clause ●●○ Wyrd + Persuasion
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