Shade And Spirit

Shade And Spirit Darkling Kith Winter Masques 26

• Ghostly Presence Speak to ghosts in Twilight The ghost is someone the changeling knew in life, or the changeling is a Gravewight Wyrd + Presence
•• Dread Companion Allows a ghost limited ability to interact with the physical world The changeling presses a drop of her own blood to the forehead of everyone participating in the clause. Wyrd + Manipulation
••• Haunting Intercession Allow a ghost to materialize physically for one scene The changeling has set up a "dead supper": a complete meal served on never-used plates and silver, with a place for everyone who wishes to participate in the intercession, including the ghost. Wyrd + Manipulation
•••• Waking the Dead Awaken a ghost and learn its secrets The changeling "feeds" the shade by wounding herself and offering her blood, taking one point of bashing damage per question. ●● Wyrd + Strength
••••• Opening the Black Gate Open a gate to the Underworld The clause is invoked at midnight in a mausoleum, and the changeling invokes the laws of hospitality while the clause is in effect. ●●○ Wyrd + Stamina
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