Shadowrun Tonpa

This is a Story of a Girl who finds a new family

Drive : Family
Dramatic Poles : Limelight // Fading to Bachground

Yngval haluaa että Remu valmistuisi lääkäriksi mutta Remun suoritukset ovat kadonneet pilvestä korporaatio valloituksen yhteydessä.
Siiri haluaa että Remu ei enää asenna kenellekään kybernetiikkaa mutta Remu on edelleen ollut velvoitettu auttamaan Lacea
Remu haluaisi kämpätä Louisin luona mutta Louis häpeää asumisolojaan.
Remu haluaisi että Ovla tekisi ryhmästä perheen mutta Ovla ei uskalla sitoutua tiimiin.
Ovla haluaa Remulta ikuista rakkautta mutta Remu kokee Ovlan esimies aseman esteeksi.
Lace haluaisi käydä Remun kanssa shoppailemassa mutta ei ole saanut kysyttyä tätä kun ei usko omiin mahdollisuuksiinsa
Remu haluaisi Lacen kertovan pehmoisia juttuja itsestään ja menneisyydestään mutta Lace ei ole kyennyt.


REMU "REM" YAMAMOTO, Japanese/British SINNER WAITRESS medical school dropout, 19 V

Family : RYO (Father, 52v, Japanese Surgeon, SINNER), ROSA (Mother, OS. BLAKE, British Homewife, 47 v, SINNER), RIKU (Big Brother, Japanese Doctor, 25v SINNER), REIKO (Big Sister, Japanese Medical Student 22v SINNER), RAMU "RAM" (Twin Sister, Waitress SINNER medical school dropout, 19v), RYOKO (Little Sister, Japanese High School Student - Medical Specialisation, 17 v SINNER), RYUU (Little Brother, Japanese High School Student, 15 v, SINNER)
Family Business //YAMAMOTO family has been taken over by the SHIAWASA CORPORATION - megacorporation two years ago, when RAM and REM were in FINLAND studying medicine. Due the turmoil and freezing of all assets the sisters were lost in red tape and they were forced to street. Other members of the YAMAMOTO family have been transferred to the megacorporation structure, sisters have been left out as Shadowrunner assets for manoeuvres in Europe. This has effectively cut the sisters out from the family.

Mentor Spirit : RYOUCHI (Great Gand Father, Ghost of Japanese Artisan/Doctor, Fire-spirit)

Metatype: HUMAN
B A R S W L I C ess edg m
5 5 5 (6) 5 3 3 3 3 6.0 4 5

Condition Monitor (P/S) 11 / 10
Armor 9
Limits Physical 7, Mental 4, Social 5
Physical Initiative 8 (9) + 1(2)d6
Active Skills Artisan 4 (6 Fire-bringer), Athletics skill group 4, Blades 6 (8), Computer 1, Con 3, Escape Artist 0 (2), Etiquette 2, First Aid 4, Intimidation 1, Medicine 6 (7), Negotiation 1, Outdoors skill group 1, Perception 3, Performance 1, Sneaking 4, Throwing Weapons 2, Unarmed Combat 6 (9)
Knowledge Skills Kung Fu 4, (Game City) Parkour 4, Biology 2, Chemistry 1
Languages English N, Japanese N, Finnish 1

Gear Climbing gear, flashlight, glasses [Rating 1, w/ image link], lockpicks, Meta Link commlink, respirator (Rating 1), Squatter Lifestyle (2 months), survival kit, Urban Explorer jumpsuit, medkit (rating 6), Work uniform (Waitress) for 60 ¥. Trauma Patch (500 y) 3kpl, Katana (LOOT)

Urban Explorer Jumpsuit: Designed for couriers, athletes, and freerunners, these colorful jumpsuits are well ventilated and breathable but surprisingly protective with lightweight densiplast and liquid reactive armor. Urban explorer jumpsuits feature a built-in music player and biomonitor. (ARMOR 9)

Unarmed (Knucks)
Attack: Agility (5) + Unarmed Combat (9) = 14d6
Damage: Strength (5) + Improved Critical (1) + Successes (X) + Knucks (1); With Knucks P without can be P or S

Survival knife [Blade, Reach —, Acc 5, DV 5 (str) +2 P, AP –1]
Throwing knives (2) [Throwing Weapon, Acc Physical, DV 6P, AP –1]
Attack: Agility (5) + Blades (8) = 13d6
Katana, [Blade, Reach 1, Acc 7, DV 5 (Str) +3 = 8P, AP –3]

"Anime Bar" Barkeep "Boss-Sama" (4 connection, 3 loyalty)
"Anime Bar" Waitress - Twin Sister RAMU (1 connection, 6 loyalty)
Changes: Changed Crusading reporter to Barkeep, Removed Triad member and Changed Street kid to sister.
Starting ¥ 2D6 x 40¥

Qualities: Bilingual, Code of Honor (Will only bring lethal force against those who first use it, protect the weak, overthrow the corrupt), Double-jointed, Natural Athlete, High-Pain-Tolerance(1), National SIN, Mentor Spirit

Adept Powers: Critical Strike (Unarmed) (0,5) , Improved Ability Skill (Unarmed, 3, 1,5), Improved Ability Skill (Medicine, 1), Improved Reflexes, Improved Senses (Low , Taste, Smell), Improved Ability Skill (Blades, 2, 1),

The Fire-Bringer stole the secret of fire from the heavens and gave it to metahumanity as a gift and a tool. He is a gure of kindness and concern, but his good intentions sometimes get him into trouble and his plans may fail to work out the way he envisions them. He is a shaper and a creator, forming new things from the primal clay and breathing the very spark of life into them. Fire-Bringers devote themselves to the betterment of others, even at their own expense. Most followers of Fire-Bringer throw themselves into a particular cause with great zeal.
All: +2 dice to Artisan skill tests or Alchemy skill tests (choose one: Artisan)
Adept: 1 free level of Improved Ability on a non-com- bat skill (Medicine)
When someone sincerely asks you for help, you can’t refuse without succeeding in a Simple Charisma + Will- power (3) Test.
Similar Archetypes: Invention, Generosity

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