Sinclair Vispess


Faint, parry, riposte. All these nobles fought the same. Sinclairs newest foe was Barryn Daramos, a young man trying to defend his sisters so called honor. The duel would not last long. Sinclair was well over a foot taller than his opponent and much more experienced.
"Your mother is a whore, Vispess!", the young lordling jabbed.
Sinclair chuckled, "She was."
"Then I stabbed her to death."
"Wh-", The young noble's confused inquiry was interrupted by Sinclair's rapier punching trough his right eye and out the left temple.
Sinclair's smile faded, "That is what happens to people who try to kill me."



Fighter 8
Background: Urchin
Race: Human
Alignment: LE
Speed: 30
Initiative: 5
Proficiency: 3
Height: 7 ft
Weight: 77 kg


Strength: 16
Dexterity: 20
Constitution: 20
Intelligence: 12
Wisdom: 10
Charisma: 16


Max hp: 88 (8d10 hd)
AC: 18 (10 + 5(Dex) + 1(Dual wielder) + 2(Armor))
Str save: 5
Dex save: 5
Con save: 8
Int save: 1
Wis save: 0
Cha save: 3


Rapier: +9, 1d8+5p
Rapier off-hand: +8, 1d8+5p
Light crossbow: +8, 1d8+5p, 80/320, 30 bolt
Superiority dice: 5d8
Superiority DC: 16

Feats and abilities

  • Fighting style (Two-weapon fighting): When you engage in two-weapon fighting, you can add your ability modifier to the damage of the second attack
  • Second wind: 1d10 + lvl / rest
  • Action surge: 1/day.
  • Extra attack: 1 / attack action
  • Battle master:
    • Know your enemy: Study person outside combat for 1 min -> Gain information
    • Maneuvers: Parry, Riposte, Goading attack, Trip attack, Evasive footwork
  • Defensive duelist
  • Dual wielder
  • City secrets


Studded leather armor
Rapier +1
Light crossbow
30 x Bolt
Dungeoneers pack
Small knife
Map of home city
Signet ring
Set of clothes
Dead scarab beetle
Wealth: 10 silver

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