Skarsnik The Mad


General Information

Lawful Good Neutral Good Chaotic Good
Lawful Neutral True Neutral Chaotic Neutral
Lawful Evil Neutral Evil Chaotic Evil

First Name: Skarsnik
Surname: Stikuchi

Race: Goblin (Volo's Guide To Monsters s. 119)
Level: 8
Class: Ranger: Beast Master 5 / Wizard: Evocation 3
Background: Mercenary Veteran (SCAG p.153 )
Languages: Common, Goblin, Deep Speech.
Vehicles: Land
Tools: Dragonchess
Armour: Light, Medium, Shields
Weapons: Simple, Martial

Ranger: Beast Master

Favoured Enemy: Aberrations
Beginning at 1st level you have significant experience studying, tracking, hunting and even talking to a certain type of enemy.
Choose a type of favoured enemy: aberrations, beasts, celestials, constructs, dragons, elementals, fey, fiends, giants, monstrosities, oozes, plants, or undead. Alternatively, you can select two races of humanoid such as gnolls or orcs as favoured enemies. You have advantage on Wisdom (Survival) checks to track your favoured enemies, as well as on Intelligence checks to recall information about them. When you gain this feature, you can also learn one language of your choice that is spoken by your favoured enemies, if they speak one at all.

Natural Explorer: Swamp You are particularly familiar with one type of natural environment and are adept at traveling and surviving in such regions. Choose one type of favoured terrain: arctic, coast, desert, forest, grassland, mountain, swamp or the Underdark. When you make an Intelligence or Wisdom check related to your favoured terrain, your proficiency bonus is doubled if you are using a skill that you're proficient in. While traveling for an hour or more in your favoured terrain, you gain the following benefits.

  • Difficult terrain doesn't slow your group's travel.
  • Your group can't become lost except by magical means.
  • Even when you are engaged in another activity while traveling (such as foraging, navigating, or tracking), you remain alert to danger.
  • If you are traveling alone, you can move stealthily at a normal pace.
  • When you forage, you can find twice as much food as you normally would.
  • While tracking other creatures, you also learn their exact number, their sizes, and how long ago they passed through the area.

Fighting Style: Two-Weapon Fighting When you engage in two-weapon fighting, you can add your ability modifier to the damage of the second attack.

Primeval Awareness Beginning at 3rd level, you can use your action and expend one ranger spell slot to focus your awareness on the region around you. For 1 minute per level of the spell slot you expend, you can sense whether the following types of creatures are present within 1 mile of you. (or within up to 6 miles if you are in your favoured terrain): aberrations, celestials, dragons, elementals, fey, fiends, and undead. This features doesn't reveal the creatures' location or number.

Ranger's Companion At 3rd level you gain a beast companion that accompanies you on your adventures and is trained to fight alongside you. Choose a beast that is no larger than Medium and that has challenge rating of 1/4 or lower. Add your proficiency bonus to the beast's AC, attack rolls, and damage rolls, as well as to any saving throws and skills it is proficient in. Its hit point maximum equals its normal maximum or four times your ranger level, whichever is higher. The beast obeys your commands as best as it can. It takes its turns on your initiative, though it doesn't take an action unless you command it to. On your turn, you can verbally command the beast where to move (no action required by you). You can use your action to verbally command it to take the Attack, Dash, Disengage, Dodge, or Help action. Once you have the Extra Attack features, you can make one weapon attack yourself when you command the beast to take the Attack action. While traveling through your favoured terrain with only the beast, you can move stealthily at a normal pace. If the beast dies, you can obtain another one by spending 8 hours magically bonding with another beast that isn't hostile to you, either the same type of beast as before or a different one.

Wizard: Evocation

Arcane Recovery You have learned to regain some of your magical energy by studying your spellbook. Once per day when you finish a short rest, you can choose expended spell slots to recover. The spell slots can have a combined level that is equal to or less than your wizard level (rounded up), and none of the slots can be 6th level or higher.

Evocation Savant Beginning when you select this school at 2nd level, the gold and time you must spend to copy an evocation spell into your spellbook is halved.

Sculpt Spells Beginning at 2nd level, you can create pockets of relative safety within the effects of your evocation spells. When you cast an evocation spell that affects other creatures that you can see, you can choose a number of them equal to 1 + the spell's level. The chosen creatures automatically succeed on their saving throws against the spell, and they take no damage if they would normally take half damage on a successful save.


  • Gender: Male
  • Size: Small
  • Age: 25 years.
  • Height: 2.6 ft. (81 cm)
  • Weight: 32 lb. (15 kg)
  • Eye colour: Yellow.
  • Skin colour: Tan.

Peronality Traits:
Thinking is for other people. I prefer action.
I work hard so that I can play hard when the work is done.

Ideal: Might. If I become strong, I can take what I want — what I deserve.

Bond: I want to be renowned, whatever it takes.

Flaw: There's no room for caution in a life lived to the fullest.

Ability Score:

Ability Score Proficiency Modifier Saving Throw
Strength 11 +0 +0
Dexterity 18 +4 +4
Constitution 14 +2 +2
Intelligence 16 +3 +3
Wisdom 14 +2 +2
Charisma 11 +0 +0

Other Statistics:

Speed 30 ft.
Armour Class 14 11 + 3 w/ shield 13 + 3
Max HP X
Hit Dice 5d10+3d6
Proficiency Bonus +3
Passive Wisdom (Perception) 15 10 + 3 + 2 (WIS 14)
Maximum Carrying Weight 165 lb. 15 * 11
Lifting, Dragging, Pushing Weight 330 lb. 30 * 11


Skill Proficiency Modifier Ability Source
Athletics +3 STR 11 Mercenary Veteran #2
Acrobatics +3 DEX 16
Sleight Of Hand +3 DEX 16
Stealth +3 DEX 16
Arcana +3 INT 16
History +3 INT 16
Investigation +3 INT 16
Nature +6 INT 16 Ranger #1
Religion +3 INT 16
Animal Handling +4 WIS 13
Insight +1 WIS 13 Ranger #2
Medicine +1 WIS 13
Perception +4 WIS 13 Ranger #3
Survival +1 WIS 13
Deception +0 CHA 11
Intimidation +0 CHA 11
Performance +0 CHA 11
Persuasion +3 CHA 11 Mercenary Veteran #2

Racials, Traits and Features

Type Feature In short
Racial Ability Score Increase +2 DEX, +1 CON
Racial Darkvision Darkvision 60 ft.
Racial Fury of the Small When you damage a creature with an attack or spell and the creature's size is larger than yours, you can cause the attack or spell to deal extra damage to the creature. The extra damage equals your level. Once you use this trait, you can't use it again until you finish a short or long rest.
Racial Nimble Escape You can take the Disengage or Hide action as a bonus action on each of your turns.
Background Guild Membership Guild provides lodging and food in their establishments.

Ability Score Improvement Traits:

Level Feat/Score Increase
Level 4 -
Level 6 -
Level 8 -
Level 12 -
Level 14 -
Level 16 -
Level 19 -


Weapon Attack Roll Damage Roll Range Time
Net 1d20 + 6 None (Restrained) 5/15 Attack action

Bard Spells:

Spell Save DC 8 + 3 + 3 = 14
Spell Attack Bonus 3 + 3 = 6
Spell Level Name Slots
Cantrip Vicious Mockery, Message
Level 1 Faerie Fire, Heroism, Healing Word, Cure Wounds 4
Level 2 Pyrotechnics, Heat Metal 3
Level 3 - 3
Level 4 - 2
Level 5 -
Level 6 -
Level 7 -
Level 8 -
Level 9 -

Wizard Spells:

Spell Save DC 8 + 3 + 3 = 14
Spell Attack Bonus 3 + 3 = 6
Spell Level Name Slots
Cantrip Prestidigitation, Mending, Create Bonfire
Level 1 Tasha's Hideous Laughter, Colour Spray, Find Familiar, Sleep, Longstrider, Grease, Feather Fall, Fog Cloud 4
Level 2 - 3
Level 3 - 3
Level 4 - 2
Level 5 -
Level 6 -
Level 7 -
Level 8 -
Level 9 -


Item Value Weight Other
Spellbook 50 sp. 3 lb.
Component Pouch 25 sp. 2 lb.
Shield 10 sp. 6 lb.
5 Nets 5 sp. 15 lb.
Military Saddle 20 sp. 30 lb.
Saddlebags 4 sp. 8 lb.
20 Pony Feed 0.5 sp. - lb.
Rapier - sp. 2 lb. Starting Equipment
Shortbow - sp. 2 lb. Starting Equipment
20 Arrows - sp. 1 lb. Starting Equipment
Leather Armour - sp. 10 lb. Starting Equipment
2 Daggers - sp. 2 lb. Starting Equipment
Thieves' Tools - sp. 1 lb. Starting Equipment
Pony - sp. - lb. Background
Cart - sp. 200 lb. Background
Traveler's Clothes - sp. 4 lb. Background
1000 Ball Bearings - sp. 2 lb. Burglar's Pack
10 feet of String - sp. - lb. Burglar's Pack
Bell - sp. - lb. Burglar's Pack
5 Candles - sp. - lb. Burglar's Pack
Crowbar - sp. 5 lb. Burglar's Pack
Hammer - sp. 3 lb. Burglar's Pack
10 Pitons - sp. 2.5 lb. Burglar's Pack
Hooded Lantern - sp. 2 lb. Burglar's Pack
2 Flasks of Oil - sp. 2 lb. Burglar's Pack
5 Rations - sp. 10 lb. Burglar's Pack
Tinderbox - sp. 1 lb. Burglar's Pack
Waterskin - sp. 5 lb. Burglar's Pack
50 feet of Hempen Rope - sp. (10 lb.) Burglar's Pack
Total: 114 sp. 5 cp. (Weight / Capacity): X lb. / X lb,
Container Capacity Used Unused Notes
Backpack 30 lb. X lb. X lb.
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