Pelaaja: Tonpa


Spike (Longtooth Shifter) Warden (mc Barbarian) level 9

Initiative Movement Senses
Initiative +3 Speed 6 Passive Insight 22
Passive Perception 15 (low light)
Ability Scores Defenses Skills
Str 22 (+10)
Con 14 (+6)
Dex 8 (+3)
Int 10 (+4)
Wis 16 (+7)
Cha 10 (+4)
AC 17
Fortitude 20
Reflex 14
Will 17
Athletics +17
Endurance +13
History +11
Insight +12
Religion +11
Hit Points Feat Traits Feats
Max HP 87
Bloodied 43
Healing Surges per Day: 11
Healing Surge Value: 21
+2 damage encounter Mc Barbarian
Weapon Expertise
Weapon Focus
Attacks Class Features Languages
Str Attack +10
Proficiency +12
Font of life
Nature's Wrath
Song of rest


Items At-Will Encounter Daily Utility
None Warden's Fury
Warden's Grasp
Thorn Strike
Weight of Earth
Longtooth Shifting
Wildblood Frenzy
Burst of Earth's Fury
Stalker position
Form of Winter Guardian
Thunder Step
Form of Oak Sentinel
Triumphant Vigor
Bear's Endurance

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