Stone Ogre Kith Lost 144

• Might of the Terrible Brute Each success adds one to Strength for the turn Fighting multiple opponents while unarmed Wyrd + Strength
•• Ogre’s Rending Grasp Each success destroys one Durability Attempting to remove a barrier. ●● Wyrd + Strength
••• Display Grandiose Might Add Wyrd to Strength for non-combat purposes The Changeling is using the contract to show off for a mostly non-practical purpose. ●● Wyrd + Athletics
•••• Gluttonous Feast of Health Convert 2 Lethal to 2 Bashing damage or 1 Aggravated to 2 Lethal damage The Changeling was offered large amounts of food by a stranger. ●●● Wyrd + Stamina
••••• Red Rage of Terrible Vengeance +1 Initiative, Stamina, Strength, Armour per success The Contract is being used in respond to a loved one being seriously hurt or killed. ●●●○ Wyrd + Resolve
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