Super Fate

The FATE superpowers building blocks, with some conversion thoughts from Mutants and Masterminds.

The power construction with Stunts and Aspects.

Super_Powers base on Super_Skills that are used in conflicts that arise from the use of the power and determine the basic potency of the power. The effects of the power is further augmented by additional Super_Stunts, which modify the Super_Skills, add additional Power_Stress with contacting attacks, add additional Power_Aspects or Power_Consequences with contacting attacks and add the Power_Scale of superpower itself.

Basic power can be used as an Power_Action. The Basic power action is the main action of the round, even if movement action. Suitable non-combat powers can be used as supplemental actions in combat, some combat actions can be used as supplemental actions in non-combat conflicts. Some powers can also be used as Power_Complement_Action for some skill trappings.

The basic Power_Range for the powers is touch, which means the same Zone the character is. Some powers work only on the character himself and are therefore Personal. Additional Super_Stunts can move the range to additional zones, one zone per stunt. Some powers have possibility target any target the character can perceive, range being perception.

The basic Power_Duration of power is instant, it goes off and after that only the results have lasting effects. With Super_Stunts the duration can be made to last longer; Sustained stay as long as the character takes a supplemental action to keep the power working, continuous stays as long as the character is present and wants the power to keep on going, permanent stays as long as the power has juice to go on.

The Power_Aspects that are produced by the powers are usually quite easy to remove; most need maneuver action to get rid of, some have Lasting effect, that need an conflict to remove. Power_Consequences are removed by normal means, by rest of suitable mean which is determined by the power that produced the consequence.

The Basic Power_Defenses for the powers are some collections of skills you use to counter the effect. Some powers have only few skills that can be used to counter the effect. The most common defensive skills are Alertness, Athletics, Empathy, Endurance, Mysteries and Resolve.

With some powers the target is affected by new kind of stress; usually mystically linked Soul_Stress or high powered The_Power_Cosmic_Stress. These stress tracks are augmented only by specific stunts and are therefore especially dangerous.
The basic for of powers that do not produce Power_Stress, Power_Consequences or Power_Aspects on target character usually produce either the Scene_Power_Aspects or Zone_Power_Aspects, make your able to make Power_Declarations on some form, give you a Power_Permissions to move in ways that is considered hard or impossible for normal human being or add new form of perception or communication mode or make your able to add or remove scene features.

Lastly all powers have some form of Power_Catches; things you must do to make the power work, some things that make the power work in uncontrolled way or make it fail completely or make it produce an additional effect that is in some way restricting the powers usability. Note; the reason here is not to make the characters power bad, but to make it more like the powers in comics and compensate some balance issues with powers that give you wider permissions. The best type of catch makes the character more interesting to play and builds the power to be more like the ones in comics.


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